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luni, 27 octombrie 2008

It started with Hard Rock and it ends with Hard Rock..

Well, as i was speaking earlier with a person who's very dear to me, i guess that for every good thing at one point of time there is an end..
3 months ago i came here, in the middle of nowhere, i stepped into another world, scared a bit by all the new things that might happen, by the cultural differences and stuff and in the same time curious like hell..for about 2 months i had a close friend here with me, and that made things easier..a lot easier, weeks flew like days and days like minutes, and by the time i realised that i like a lot this place, 2 months were gone...New experiences, new places, trips to Sri Lanka, Delhi, Mysoure and others, nights at Hard Rock Cafe with the new friends from here, made it so easier.By the time Cata left india, i wasn't anymore alone...i made bonds here, friends that were here with me, made me smile, made me understand a bit of their life and culture, ppl so warm that many times made me forget i am a stranger in a new and a different world..
For every day that passed, all the ppl here came so close to my heart, and now when i am about to leave them i soo realise that..It was good fun..meeting my old trainer and friend Hemal, even though the time spent together was so little, making new friends at the office, with Reema on top, who was there from the very begining, and smiling Devyash and Karan and crazy Bhavna, Devender and continuing with the Rohan Upen Smitha, Sapu, Archie and Sanika gang..all of them have somthing special that made me get close to them..each and every one of them added flavor and spiciness :)) in his own way..Upen with his "harmful" jokes, Rohan ...dude u need to practice more snooker and to go to the gym more often..Sanika and her socks :P , Sapu and her giggles :* and so on..we had some awsome parties till 4 in the morning, when they made me feel like home..was feeling so fit in that place, and all the differences were gone..
Even though mentally i am not prepared to leave, i will do it, both happy and sad..happy cos i will get to see my home, my familly and friends, my dog...and sad cos i feel like i lived a parallel life here, a life filled with new experiences, sensations, feelings...and most important friends..a life that i don't want to let go..
All in all, i don't like goodbyes..never liked them and the past few years showed me that every goodbye is so sad..Once, somebody told me that if u want to go back to one place or another u have to leave a personal thinggie there..and i will do that for sure..i am leaving here my life in the last 3 heart..what can be more personal than this??
So, once, i won't say "goodbye" i will say just: i will see u SOON guys!
Chalo...i am done!
P.S: if u are all wondering why for the first time i write in english..why?why? so many why's :)) (apparently this was my favorite question lately)..the answer is :JUST..just because now i have new friends in my life, along with all of u guys, and now and then i will write an article in english, to share all the good things that happen to me, with them as well as with u.
And so it started at Hard Rock one august evening..and it end at Hard Rock..and next time, we will rock harder :)

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rsatpsu spunea...

Hey Dragos

We"ll miss you a lot- your goofiness, mood swings, the gentlemanly behavior (rare one :) that so makes the ladies swoon :), the animated discussions over lunch (with karan being the scapegoat of our wrath all the time ), those funny faces and our once in a blue moon cold wars !!
But am happy that you're going back to a place where u cud eat your stuff (without being questioned if it's pig or cow :)and where u cud sleep like a baby ...errr mad dog :)

Tk care ... See u soon'n have a safe trip back home



Andreea Laura spunea...

Your post is touching...
I'm really glad you had this experience, and I'm really happy we both got to know our dear Indian friends - Bengaluru has left its mark!